Our Tower
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Our Tower

The great experience gained with the construction of numerous concrete vertical structures is not directly applicable to the conception and construction of concrete towers for wind generators, they have very specific needs: fast erection, demanding fatigue loads, specific dynamic for behaviour requirements, quality finishes and visual appearance, needed for adequate integration in the landscape, etc.

Normally the construction techniques of in-situ concrete vertical structures with different types of formwork has important limitations: its geometry is highly conditioned by the technology formwork; the construction time is long and dependant, on the weather conditions; the quality of the finishes is heterogeneous and there are many other uncertainties associated with a process which has too much of handmade. It is therefore logical that this process has only been used in singular towers or in towers with experimental character in which the cost of the tower and the terms of erection have not been transcendent.

The precast concrete towers, on the other hand, have all the conditions required and only one conditioning factor delimiting its applicability: the amortization of the investment in manufacturing technology and equipments, which  requires a sufficient number of identical towers; its capabilities, if they are well conceived by professionals with technological capacities and experience in similar constructions, are unquestionable. Among them we can relate:


Torre de 100 mts. P.E. Peñablanca 2008