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  • Precasting allows the industrialization of the manufacture process with all its advantages.
  • The industry needed for the towers manufacturing involves simple technologies and abundant materials available in nearly any emplacement, which makes it possible to move and fastly the manufacturing facilities where the needs of the project require; this offers interesting perspectives reducing the costs of transport and also providing a bonus for promotion thanks to the generation of employment and industry next to the wind farm location. Possibility, in summary, to use mobile manufacturing plants.




  • The precast concrete towers open new fields for innovation, investigation and development, as well as new paths of collaboration between industry and University, national and international investigation centres. It is a field full of future in coherence with a sector in progress.
  • A wide range of towers offered for a great variety of wind generators with different powers. Capacity to adapt to the needs of different turbines by only adjusting the inner reinforcements, preserving the geometry of the tower.