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INNEO - Precast Concrete Wind Towers

INNEO is a partnership created to selectively offer, to  companies interested in wind power, precast concrete towers very reliable and power efficient to supply the demand generated by the limitations of the current technologies in metal towers, unable to reach and exceed 100 m heights and support multi-megawatt wind generators.

INNEO is a patnership created and driven by professionals with a solid and proven experience in the fields of industrial precasting, civil works advanced engineering, logistics of transport and assembly of large elements.

INNEO is an organization capable of assuming all the actions of the design, manufacturing, transport and assembly of the precast towers and foundations, as well as the transport and assembly of the blades and wind turbines, and all the necessary equipment.

In INNEO we offer precast concrete towers, for heights between 80m and 140m, for wind farms on-shore and off-shore, which can support wind generators from 1,5Mw to 5Mw, with a very fast and reliable assembly process.

In INNEO we supply the wind market with a new solution, already evaluated and certified by Germanischer Lloyd for the following cases:

  • 80 meters high tower with 1,5Mw turbine.
  • 100 meters high tower with a wide capacity range, allowing the installation of wind generators from 2 Mw up to 4 Mw.

In INNEO we encourage the development of costumized precast solutions, based on the current "Alejandría" model, for wind farms, on-shore and off-shore, in any place of the national and international geography.


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Our Tower

Content >> Nuestra Torre

Get to know in depth our 100 meter high tower

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Assembly Process

Content >> Proceso Montaje

Discover step by step our patented assembly of the precast concrete tower

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Dreaming the wind

To make the tower reach higher heights was a challenge, INNEO has made it real. Get access to the corporate video

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El pasado viernes 25 de octubre se firmaron una serie de acuerdos entre ESTEYCO ENERGÍA e INNEO TORRES para redefinir la relación entre las dos empresas e impulsar a ambas en el sector eólico y en el mundo de la energía.

INNEO TORRES firma un contrato con Acciona Windpower
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La empresa española Inneo Torres, cuya actividad es la fabricación y montaje de torres prefabricadas de hormigón de 80 a 140 m, ha firmado un contrato con Acciona Windpower para el suministro de torres de 100 y 120 m de altura, para su aerogenerador AW-3000, para la instalación de más de 600 MW.

We respect the environment

Compromised with the environment, INNEO has developed competitive products which have been conceived considering the need of reducing gas emissions with greenhouse effects.


Torres de hormigón para dotar de más altura y estabilidad a la eólica
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Parece imposible imaginar que se pueda dar alas a una estructura de hormigón. Sin embargo, gracias a la implantación comercial de sus torres de 80 y 100 metros de altura, como al desarrollo de manera industrial de torres de hasta 140 metros de altura, Inneo Torres ha conseguido elevar sus dovelas hasta el cielo dentro del sector eólico.

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